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FAQ for Fundraising Non-Profits




Do I have to fundraise to have a booth on race morning?

No, you have the option to fundraise, have a booth, or both! Whatever works best for your organization and your needs.



Why should my advocates set up fundraising pages? 

  • You can raise a lot of money for your organization without having to put together an entire race yourself! Have your advocates set up a fundraising page, email that link to all of their friends and family, and ask for donations for your organization.  


How do my advocates set up fundraising pages?

Send them the link ( and have them click on "Become A Fundraiser". Make sure they designate your non-profit as the beneficiary!

Once my advocates have set up fundraising pages, how can people find them to donate?

Each advocate can send all of their contacts and supporters a direct link to their fundraising page (each url is unique).


How does the Justice Run know which fundraising pages are raising money for my organization? 

Make sure your fundraisers designate you as the non-profit on their fundraising page. We will be checking the pages to see who has been designated and crediting the non-profits accordingly.


How does the Justice Run know how much money my organization is raising? 

We are keeping track of all the fundraising pages, who they are fundraising for, and how much money they raise. Once the race is over, we will be sure to get your money to you.  



How does the Feet for Justice Run know which participants I have brought to the race? 

  • If your participants sign up online, the RunSignUp site will ask them if they are running for a specific non-profit. Have your advocates type your organization name in the blank. If they are running with a team, the team captain will designate who the money from the team will go toward. For instance, if a certain church wants to raise money for your organization, they will have a team name like "Verde Valley Church" or "Stop Trafficking Now" and all of the people who sign up under that team will be automatically credited to your organization.

  • If your participants sign up through the mail, have them write the name of your organization somewhere on the sign-up form. 

  • If they sign up on race morning, they will need to put your organization name on the paper form. 



What are some ideas you have for me in getting the word out about my fundraising efforts? 

  • Email your entire database with the fundraising link, this FAQ page, and a link to sign up for the Justice Run.  

  • Print out a bunch of sign up forms with your organization’s name on them. Hand those out to everyone you know. 

  • Communicate to your advocates that if they put in a little effort (setting up a fundraising page, emailing their friends, and participating in our race) you can benefit greatly! 

  • Contact churches, schools, sports teams, and businesses to ask them to run/fundraise on your behalf!






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